Some Issues on the Macro and Microeconomics

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Brainstorming is a technique which involves individuals coming up together and trying to generate ideas through a session of discussion and every individual is free to express their ideas on the topic of discussion without any judgment. This though involves several techniques of brainstorming that makes the process effective in problem-solving. One of the techniques is to start the process with individual ideas. Every individual should first put down their own ideas individually. After the first step, everyone should then bring up their ideas. Judgments should be withheld and no one’s ideas should be criticized. This then should ensure that everyone is heard. The group should then go radical and ensure that even the impractical are analyzed for any possibility. There should be an emphasis on the generation of many ideas as possible. The group should then build on individual ideas. The problem-solving model can help the management team to gather information on the market and identify possible solutions to their problem. They can then define their issue, gather information and try to brainstorm ideas that can solve the problem on the sale of their product. They will then come up with a solution after a critical analysis of several ideas. However, they are likely to encounter difficulties in gathering adequate information on the problem of their sales. This then will hinder the identification of possible solutions. Individuals working on their own should consider identifying the issue at their stake before trying to generate any ideas. After that, the individual should consider the technique of looking at the issue on different points of view. This will enable the individual to be able to consider several possibilities when generating ideas.