Solving the Problem of Hurricane Disasters in Houston Texas

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Likely though, it could not still be denied that through the years, amidst all the natural disasters happening around the region, the situation has been rather dealt with conscientiously by the local government of the said city, thus allowing for better systems of progress within the area.Even though this is the case, Houston still needs to considerably deal with the natural disasters such as hurricanes that visit the city annually. Likely, with this particular matter in mind, anyone could picture the devastating effect of the sad disaster especially in terms of the life safety of every individual living within the area. One of the most dangerous matters that should be considered in this matter is that of the existence of aerial electrical lines. When hurricanes hit the area, almost 54% of the people dying from the said event results from being electrocuted by cut live wires from aerial electric connections (HOUSTON TEXAS REAL ESTATE DAILY, 2008, 3)Besides that, it could also be denied that because of the current situation of the city with regards the regularity of hurricanes coming in the area every year, the rate of power interruption just after every hurricane becomes much enticingly disturbing to many residents and even business owners of the city.Hence, as a proposal, it has been moved and continuously suggested that the electric connections around the city be linked underground. Like modern systems of Internet connections which uses fiber glass protection while placed underground, the electric system of the city is moved to be placed underground so as to ensure the safety of the people living within the area during the occurrence of certain disasters as well as to ensure the convenience of both the residents and the owners of the business establishments within the area.It is rather believed that through this, about 60% of hurricane caused deaths could be reduced and at least 36% of power interruptions issues could be solved. The project seems certainly feasible and beneficial for everyone living within the city of Houston, Texas. However, with a closer look, like other projects,would certainly be subjected to certain issues that might jeopardize the level of effectiveness as well as the benefits that it is expected to offer the human society living within Houston.