Soft Systems Methodology in Project Quality Management

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These ideas may not be opposed to each other but they could be adequately different to be separate from each other. This could become a serious issue while making a decision of taking the appropriate action. A hard approach ignores this rather human side of a team, and essentially a constant factor called change. A Soft System Methodology (SSM) approach typically uses a methodology called CATWOE, where ‘C’ stands for the Clients who will directly benefit or suffer from the actions of the project managers. ‘A’ is for Actors or the players in form of agencies, groups, institutions and even individuals who are involved in the implementation of a project. ‘T’ stands for Transformations meaning the processes or movements that decide what the end product is going to look like. It is the way specific products or services are going to be produced. In the case of a construction project, it would be the equipment that will be used during construction. ‘W’ is for Weltanschauung meaning the world-view. Any project cannot be considered in isolation. There are several events in the world that affect one or more dimensions of a project. This is an important checkpoint where the actual implementation of the project may be threatened and the construction team may have to take a different approach to make things work. This stage is critical as people may not be open to changing and adapting according to the existing circumstances. ‘O’ stands for the Owners that are usually the people whose capital is involved in the project such as the trustees and lenders. This area consists of identifying what the stakeholders want and whether they agree with the changes suggested because of certain external economic or political factors.