Socrates the Genius of the Ancient Times

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In all fairness, he was ridiculed at the time as well. On the other hand, he raised devoted followers in Plato who was regarded as another great philosopher of his time. Socrates portrayed Plato in quite a vivid and open manner which came to light as a basic model for the member of the clergy within the parish council. This was due to the fact that the role of these pastors had become somewhat difficult to understand in the setting of a council and thus looking at Socrates within the related setting made us realize the illumination aspect of this setting. Socrates has made sure that he shows us the way in this council by being quite open and frank as his questions have given food for thought, at all times possible. His assertions have made one and all understand the true intricacies related to the discussion at hand and Plato’s conceptions, as and when raised.The book Parable of the Cave gives the ideology of a journey which Socrates is basically trying to tell. This point of view is related to each man’s separate version of his world and the manner in which he sees it fit with regard to the realities faced with the passage of time. In the quest of reaching the intellectual self within one’s own world, the hardships faced are immense and this raises quite a many troubles for the person under study. Thus, as Socrates puts it, it is a journey that is not for the weak-hearted. It encompasses the route towards enlightenment and clarification nonetheless. The image presented of the cave is such that it is a basic linkage point with the human condition. The same could be held in abeyance with having education and at times, even lack of it. The imagination raised here is that prisoners are held in a cave where their heads are immovable and hands cuffed. This makes it quite a difficult task for them to understand what is going on since they see only what they are made to see, right in the direction of their heads.