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Indeed this has proved to be the toughest and challenging activity, for most of America‚Äôs activists in politics and also the various community builders who are spread across the country. It is this climate that is currently prevailing within the US, with the various community developing organizations present across the country lobbying for getting the funds approved from the government, so that they can go ahead with their community job training initiatives. IAF, COPS and Metro Alliance are the main organizations that have been formed for community developing activities, that has focused its attention and influence in community development activities, in the areas around San Antonio as well as Texas. Invest in us! Invest in us! chanted the six-hundred community residents across San Antonio as leaders of the IAF organizations COPS and Metro Alliance lobbied the mayor and city councilors for the funds to support their job training initiative, Project QUEST. ( Indeed this is the situation of the congregation based community organizations, which are spread across the US. These organizations have to lobby for getting the necessary funds approval from the concerned mayors, if they have to go ahead with the job training initiatives for the small and poor communities across America. …
The Texas IAF network asked gubernatorial candidate Ann Richards to support Project QUEST which was agreed upon and she won the election with strong support among low-income Mexican American and African Americans. ( Organizations like the IAF and many others have a very high influence on the political leaders and they get the funds for the various community development and job training initiatives undertaken by them through this political clout. As the COPS organization across the US grew, they could easily get credit to the tune of several millions of dollars in public money, for undertaking various developmental activities which were needed for the communities. But all these types of the different developmental activities of the communities improved, but it was seen that the wages of the individuals residing within these communities did not show any increase. In recent years IAF have become a very powerful organization, with a lot of political influence that is inherent in them due to the huge influence on the population, which is residing in these communities. Hence such social organizations like the IAF, COPS and Metro Alliance have resulted in bringing about the much needed social changes and also helped in the upliftment of the poor and needy people, which has automatically resulted in the development of such communities that are scattered around America. Since such communities start developing, the whole economy of the US starts to progress and the power and the influence of these communities start to increase simultaneously Publicity for Project Quest outreach went out through training opportunities at IAF, COPS and Metro Alliance church networks through church services and