Sociological Issues in School

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While the question is stated so simply, the process of answering the question is actually quite complicated. It requires going back to the primary motivation for teaching and whether or not the expectations one has set are satisfied. Individuals are motivated in different ways, and these motivations reflect their preferences for career choices. Social psychologists have categorized two types of motivation, extrinsic and intrinsic. Teaching has rarely been cited for its abundance of extrinsic rewards, rather it is the intrinsic rewards that teaching brings which makes stand out as a profession. This remains an issue because although teachers have been highly praised for their dedication and commitment, they have financial obligations and the kind of stress they are dealing with necessitates better benefits and allowances to reward themselves.In a study conducted by Barner (1982), she discovered that although regular and special educators acknowledge support and satisfaction in teaching, they report burnout and maintenance of discipline as the most pressing issues facing teachers. Unless properly addressed, this will meaningfully affect the interactions that teachers have with the students. While the majority of those who are drawn to the teaching profession are motivated by their desire to teach, certain concessions must be available, such as compensation, benefits, recognition, and a supportive environment. Minimizing the stress due to work will be an advantage to the classroom atmosphere. The teacher can think more creatively and innovatively. S/he will have a greater tolerance for behaviors and proactively seek ways to help the student. Furthermore, the positive attitude that/she brings to the classroom will radiate among the students, as well. It is important that teachers maintain and sustain the drive that initially brought them to the teaching profession, instead of being victims of burn out.Despite the years accumulated in the teaching profession, every teacher knows that the new school year still carries new challenges.