Sociological factors that have a bearing on health and well being reasons why the factors impact on perceptions and responses to health and welfare issues relevent to alcholism

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that a house has a broken window and no one take the initiative to repair it, the general assumption taken by the passerby is that the owner of the house does not care. When a person is seen drunk and the society does not take any initiative to correct him or her, the person will most likely continue with the practice since there is no repercussion. This approach is relevant in the explanation of the drinking habits.
The social model is a peer oriented model of healing and rehabilitation. The social model draw a lot from the mutual help principles that are advocated for in the alcoholics anonymous. The social model has been effective in the provision of the instances of rehabilitation to the alcoholics. The model works through social assistance. The recovering alcoholic is housed by a sponsor until he comes to his feet. This model has been effective in the reduction of suffering of the people.
The objectification of women in order to sell some product has assumed the center place in the modern marketing. The adverts for alcoholism are designed in such a way that they will convince the average man to buy the product. The adverts also target the women whereby they create the misplaced and falsified notion that the consumption of alcohol will make them be as good as the women in the adverts. This adverts have always been effective in the creation of the notion the people who take the alcohol will be as good as the women in the commercials.
The majority of the influential alcohol manufacturers make adverts that are misleading. However, the media is unable to gag the companies in advertising the products since if the companies do not accept them another mode of advertising will. The possible loss of income also makes most of the media gurus abhorrent to the idea of removing misleading information. It is also rare for the media to create adverts meant to educate the consumers of alcohol on the real dangers of the practice. The modelling of alcohol has been misleading