SocioDemographic Problems of Unsafe Abortion

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This paper tells that there had been high arguments globally with reference to the social acceptability of abortion. As far as I am concerned, man has no right to kill, and abortion is no different from a brutal murder. The only difference is that while a murder is executed, the victim attracts the sentiments of the society, wherein the case of abortion, the whole social system conspires for the murder leaving no sentiments for the murdered. As for the medical science, the fetus is a just a white mass, but for me and an ethically thinking society, they are the future of the world. No one other than God holds the right to take their life. The medical consequences and principles of abortion are also worth careful review. The legalities in association with abortion also have been dealt with in detail. The very definition of death in medical terms confirms abortion as murder. Medically, death is the seizure of heartbeats. If this process is imparted deliberately, it can be called murder or killing. Reading these facts together, it can be confirmed that abortion even in medical terms is literally a killing. Thinking on the other side, if the seizure of heartbeats would mean death, automatically heartbeats would mean life. This further confirms the fetus as a matter of life. This must be read together with the fact that the heart is formed in the fetus right after the 18th day in the womb. Subsequently, the heart starts to beat as well. The furthest date set for induced abortion as per the medical standard is at 28 weeks, and 20 weeks in developed countries where expert care is available. This spectrum of the period would involve a lot number of babies with active heartbeats.