Social Services for Illegal Immigrants Great Wall of America between Mexico and the US

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Therefore, the debate around this issue is extremely heated. There are opposing views to this argument which includes those who staunchly believe that the illegal immigrants should not receive benefits. In words of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), by draining funds, creating unfair competition…and by imposing unwanted strains on the services designed to provide assistance to Americans, illegal immigration causes harm to American and legal residents (Colton-Sonnenberg, p.5). However, the other argument holds the idea that these aliens contribute in some way. With regard to this debate, the paper attempts to discuss the idea whether illegal immigrants should receive benefits, such as food and healthcare in the United States of America. Keeping the fact that there are around 9.3 million undocumented immigrants on American soil and out of them 57% are from Mexico, it is imperative to discuss the economics of Mexican immigration. Advocates supporting the idea of illegal immigrants receiving benefits put forth the idea that immigrants contribute to the economy by filling the gap in labor markets where native U.S citizens would not work, since they prefer white-collar jobs. However, one does not realize the economics of this immigration. Since illegal immigrants do not pay a tax on their wages, they are the ‘free riders’ in the economy. They benefit from public goods, and public expenditure, such as education, roads, fire and police protection and healthcare services. Since illegal immigrants belong to the lower strata of the population, they tend to get more benefits from the welfare programs, which mean that they become a ‘fiscal burden’ on the taxes of an average American citizen (Colton-Sonnenberg, p.6). Different states in the United States have differing laws and views regarding this issue. However, it is imperative to stress on the idea that illegal immigration poses a toll on the community. According to Eugene A. Delgaudio from Virginia County, giving away free services to people whose very presence is a felony is unfair to people who obey the law….it’s an insult to native-born taxpayers and taxpayers who took the time and effort to come here legally. Therefore, many people firmly believe that such illegal immigrants create a feeling of negativity in those individuals, who contribute their income for the budget through taxes, and find that their money is being spent on ‘free riders’ (Should illegal aliens have access to social services, n.p.). Additionally, Richard Jones from Ohio feels These services were meant for American citizens. Since the United States’ illegal immigration rate is so high, efforts have been made to decrease this rate, because the economics of immigration are, perhaps, too high. Many programs have centered on the labor market where the employers are required to inquire into the status of the worker. There have been laws in certain states that aim at decreasing this immigration by forcing employers not to employ illegal immigrants knowingly. However, according to Ting from Temple University Beasley School of Law, this is not enough, and there should be a ‘