Social Political and Cultural Impacts of Science and Technology on Society

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Scientists have had a crucial impact on the political, cultural and social behaviors that are present today and this paper will assess how both science and technology have helped influence and shape the above-mentioned aspects of society.
Firstly, one of the factors of society that has been affected by technology both positively and negatively is communication. Sociologists have frequently discussed how communication has changed over the last few decades and how this has changed behavioral traits in the community. There have been several pieces of research carried out and one includes the article published by Przybylski who carried out a study on how the presence of mobile technology has influenced the effectiveness and quality of face to face interactions (2013). This is a relevant question in sociological parameters as it addresses an issue which involves almost everyone. The majority of people in the world own a cell phone and the attitude towards the excessive use of this gadget is different among several cultures. In addition, cell phones can now perform several functions and there have numerous communication tools such as Viber or Whatsapp, hence further illustrating the relevance of this article (Przybylski amp. Weinstein., 2013).
The article is based on two experiments which evaluated the extent which the presence of a mobile phone can influence the quality of a certain relationship in dyadic settings. It mainly assesses how things such as closeness, conversation quality, and connection. In the first experiment, there were 74 participants utilized. The authors raised arguments that the previously mentioned human relations were would be adversely influenced. It also places emphasizes on the fact that the mere presence of a cell phone is likely to affect face to face communication. The evidence that is utilized in the article before the experiment includes psychological studies which were carried out to assess why people have cell phones.