Social policy context

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There are various policies that influence the social work practice. It is important to note that most governments devote large amounts of funds to these policies. The main aim of social policies is to alleviate suffering and distress to the society members while at the same time providing better access to resources and necessary services (Healy 2008). However, other policies aggravate the problem that they are meant to alleviate while at the same time creating new ones. Thus, it is important for these social workers to enhance the well-being of their clients by engaging in the policy process by either promoting new policies, changing existing ones, and fighting any existing policies that may be detrimental to their clients. Thus, the policies influencing social workers can be grouped into two: general policies and policies specific to drugs and alcohol misuses.
General policies
These are all the policies that every social worker in the society has to abide to in relation to their respective societies. There are many of such policies including austerity. This is the move by the government to reduce the budget deficits during an adverse economic condition. Its main aim is to reduce the general spending of society‚Äôs members thus affect all members of the society. These policies include cuts on spending, increase in the amount of tax levied or a mixture of the two. Social workers have to put this into consideration in their effort to ensure community development….
Policies specific to drugs, and alcohol misuse
Most of the social workers encounter individuals with unhealthy misuse of alcohol and other drugs. Most of them specialize in such fields of alcohol and other drugs while others ensure that they provide services to such individuals and their families in various settings be it specialty and non-specialty settings. There are many pathways that guide the treatment and recovery of such individuals. The social worker viewing their clients in this situation as part of a larger system while at the same time providing individualized services is one way of providing effective services. Given that the individuals misusing alcohol and other drugs often face extensive stigma from the social settings and have various misconceptions garnered towards them.
It is also important to note that such misuse of drugs can disorient a family of the affected victim. Social workers encompass a supportive approach aligned with the core values of social work profession. To meet the needs of their clients, social workers ought to always be on the frontline when it comes to legislation, and regulation governing a society concerning individuals suffering from substance abuse. One of the policies governing social workers concerning substance abuse is the misuse of drugs act 1971. It requires that every individual should not knowingly permit any production, use or the supply of controlled substances on any of their premises except in certain circumstances including when a doctor has prescribed them.