Social Performance of Nestle Company

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Nestle, is the company that has been involved in social development, mainly in the aspect of environmental well being.Nestle is one of the corporates that has been enthusiastic and have pioneered environmental protection policies all over the world, their researchers spending a lot of time coming up with innovative ideas to enable technology to make their corporation environmentally friendly. Further, they are involved in social activities that are not directly associated with the manufacturing or management of the corporate. They are seen taking a personal state in environment protection strategies, encouraging their employees to do so as well. Their commitment toward environmental protection surpasses the aims of the environmental legislation, doing a lot more than they are expected. They continue to look for new ways to not only minimize waste, pollution, and packaging and save energy and resources but to address these concerns early in the product and packaging design processes. ( has taken initiatives in social performance by the formulation of environmental protection policies and ideas. The corporation is committed to the cause of helping in making a better environment, working to make an impact. The chairman and CEO of Nestle, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe says, We believe that the true test of a business is whether it creates value for society over the long term. In Australia, The Nestle Oceania Environmental Policy allows the organization to constantly strive to identify new ways to reduce packaging, to minimize waste, to prevent pollution, to save energy and to conserve natural resources. ( this policy ensures sound business practices by placing the requirement that all Oceania employees must play their role in protecting the environment. The policy includes three practices that will implement the policy efficiently.