Social networking is effecting students grades

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The social networking regimes have therefore hurt the cause of education more than anything else and the ones who have been hit the hardest are the students themselves. This raises an interesting proposition altogether – why not regulate the usage of social networking by the students so they can concentrate more towards their studies and less on how to mingle with friends, acquaints and the like? There seem to be no answers to such issues. The students need to understand that the social networking elements and tools have been affecting their educational realms and now is the time to realize what is hurting them the most. The sooner they will wake up to such conclusions, the better it would be for their respective selves. However, what is unfortunate is the aspect of non-realization that social networking is providing them more worries than anything else, and now is the time to understand that they have to find a way to move ahead with the social linkages that they have developed over the Internet. What is even more worrying is the fact that these social networking tools have involved within them gaming elements that have literally taken away the concentration levels of the students, and given them an alternate path in the wake of spending their lives, their own way (Hitch, 2011). The social networking understandings within the students’ grades have been proven as true with the passage of time. The teachers, instructors and even parents have raised their voice against the tyranny that these social networking elements have created, which have literally impacted the students in more ways than one. There seems to be a great amount of anarchy within the related ranks, and the undue credit for the same does rest on the shoulders of the social networking websites, tools and programs. Since the social networking domains do not consider how the same would be taking charge of the students and their related folds, they are trying their best to introduce new and novel applications, programs and features. This will ensure that the social networking will remain as pivotal for the sake of the students, much more than what education does for their own good. This is a very unfortunate happening but it is taking place for a number of reasons that can be deemed as wrong more than anything else. The social networking does more harm than offering any solace to the young ones who are bound to go wrong in the face of severe competition that they receive at the hands of their colleagues and friends, as well as the technological mastery that the social networking websites and tools have to propose, day in and day out. Therefore how social networking is being manifested by the elders within the society is something to write home about (Sarachan, 2011). This has been made apparent through the different procedures that they have adopted to keep away the perils that come attached with the social networking elements and realms within the society. It is for this reason that social networking is now being seen as a very dangerous metaphor within the terrains of the society as the students are the worst sufferers at the end of the day. In the end, it would be proper to state that the social networking issues should be tackled at the earliest. This will help resolve the disputes and conflicts that have come to the fore. It will also restore the confidence of the parents within their young ones who are