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Social Media News Release al Affiliation) Walt Disney signs partnership with the Wayne Foundation to host National NightOut , America’s Night Out Against Crime.Ford to sponsor event. Willy Wonka instrumental in dealApril 2, 2013, 7:00p.m.News FactsJohnny Depp, Sparty, Mickey Mouse and many other celebrities will participate in the event.The event will be take place on August 6 2013 at Walt Disney World. Event aimed at increasing awareness of the need to protect societies from crime, with children and other vulnerable people being the main focus.The Wayne Foundation raises money worldwide to serve and protect victims of violent crime, especially children (Labrecque amp. Nunn, 2012).QuotationsThe Wayne Foundation has been instrumental in fighting crime in society by providing civic education and sensitizing populations. We are glad to partner with them in this great cause. The involvement of Ford makes the partnership even more exciting and worthwhile. — Meg Crofton, President of Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts OperationsFord has always maintained a commitment to improving the welfare of citizens everywhere, and the sponsorship of this event is testament to that. The company is concerned with the effects of vices like crime and how they can be minimized to make society safer, and therefore this is an excellent opportunity to prove our level of commitment. ——Alan Mulally, Ford Motor’s CEOI think we all know the work that the Wayne Foundation does and I would not want to say too much. This partnership is a sign that the foundation will be relentless in its quest to improve the welfare of citizens everywhere by coming up with initiatives like this. ——-Bruce Wayne, Wayne Foundation Executive DirectorFor years, our organization has been committed to fighting crime by mobilizing citizens and other stakeholders like police to take active roles in making neighborhoods safer. I would like to say that apart from this initiative, we will be doing even more to further this cause. —- Matt Peskin, National Association of Town Watch Executive DirectorIt is always good to give back to the community, and this is one way of doing that. My involvement in this event is strictly for the benefit of those in the society that are usually vulnerable to being caught up in crime and other criminal activities. ——-Johnny DeppMultimediaPhoto: Johnny Depp, Bruce Wayne and Meg Crofton.Video: A sneak preview of what to expect at the event.Related ReferencesLabrecque, E., amp. Nunn, D. (2012). Fighting crime. Chicago, Ill.: Raintree.