Social Media Marketing Plan

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The organization can achieve the goals by monitoring the stakeholders’ reactions towards the organization’s activities using their views on the social media. Other organization’s goals encompass validation of new products and services using the social media as a research base and generation of registrations to the organization’s events through the media. Given the organization’s marketing strategies, the activities that make sense include increasing awareness of the strengths of the company’s products and providing accurate information about the business. Other activities entail reacting to the consumers’ messages and questions within the shortest period. Additionally, an important activity entails aligning the media activities with the organization’s goals. This is achievable through the effective online status management. Social Media Status The company has successfully engaged in several social activities. Some of the activities entail responding to the customers’ questions and selling some products through the social media. These activities have been successful because customers’ views illustrate their level of satisfaction with responses. Additionally, the company has managed to sell several products online. Moreover, the company has been successful in attracting large numbers of clients. However, it has not been successful in increasing their engagement. The organization used some metrics to measure the success of the social media. The social media successes need to be identified by clear measurable goals. The organization has measured its goal of reaching many clients by using the total reach. By using this, the organization acknowledged the value added to the social space. The total reach was large. This implies that the organization was able to attract many clients. Additionally, the organization measured its success through the social customer relationship management (CRM) tool. This, too, was helpful in showing the number of people using the organization’s social page and the level of engagement on the page. This measurement is vital in determining whether the organization’s value is increasing through its social strategy. The social CRM tool used is the Sprout Social, which combined the organization’s activities into a single activity. This enabled the organization to know if its strategy is moving towards the expected direction. Through this metric, the organization’s goal was partly achieved because it had managed to attract a large community. However, it had partly failed because the level of engagement was very low. Furthermore, the organization used the Conversation Share to determine the position of the organization in the social media as far as competition is concerned. This is done through measuring the amount of conversation about organization’s products in comparison with the number of conversations about the rivals’ products. This metric showed that the organization was successful in acquiring a large market share, although not like some of its competitors. Consequently, the organization needs to upgrade its systems in order to reach very high levels of conversation share like its competitors (Lauby 1). Social Activities The first step of the social medi