Social Media is the Latest Instrument for Social Change

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Recently Twitter has seen strategic uses by politicians, filmmakers, actors, musicians, social activists, environmentalists, and philanthropists. In the last election campaign, Twitter was used as a tool for brand promotion and messages to the masses by Senator John Kerry and presidential candidate Barrack Obama. Tweets were sent out publicly to people about their views on the election progress, projected outcome, and personal insights.
Facebook, on the other hand, has seen increased usage by public users with the intention of taking a stand against political issues plaguing their regions, state or country. Facebook has also been used in spreading awareness on many global issues like domestic violence, child trafficking, eve-teasing, molestation and other outcomes of corrupt systems. Recently it has also been used to criticise government inaction in many countries, biased judiciary, wrongful use of powers by police and law enforcement agencies.
Social Media used as a tool by Social Entrepreneurs to bring about change in the society especially focusing in areas like education, finding homes for destitute children, providing life skills to orphans and socially crippled individuals and families and women empowerment in the lesser privileged economic class.
One of the major successes of the social Entrepreneur organization, War Child was the Twitter-based Be a Heroprogram. (Fernandes 2009) War Child has jumped into the social media scene with both feet (Fernandes 2009). Twitter was a tangible way to give form to their social efforts in front of the global audience. It was that one big presence that they were lacking and twitter was one big leap that matters and which was just a few clicks ahead.