Social Media Is a Momentous Part of Our Modern Lives

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I am impressed by the major five positive impacts of social media, which have influenced the world. The first impact of the social media is the sharing of news very quickly. it can say that social media is a source of video or audio news. Currently, all the news channels are using Facebook, twitter, google+ to share the news headlines for the readers and the viewers. It is proved that now the news is more accessible with the help of social networks to aware of the whole world. Quickly sharing of news was not possible than before. The second impact of social media is to bring the interaction between every nation and country in all over the world. Most people use social networks to keep in touch regularly saving time by quick clicks to send short sentences. New friendships with totally cross-cultural people are the result of social networks. The third impact is the establishment of political-landscape to influence people’s perspectives. The sources of social media have generated an effective political awareness and organization for the people, and the political parties also observe their people’s views for re-establishing the party manifestoes. During election campaigns, the views of the citizens can predict the election results very early. the example of President Obama is the proof of his re-election on the basis of social networks’ results. The fourth impact of social networks is to expand the circles of education by promoting different educational programs. Social networks are also useful for the children to advance the communicational skills to becoming a more educated person, as the learning process starts from childhood goes on for whole life. The fifth impact of social networks is the downfall of expensive advertising agencies through cheap and easy publicity of the brands. No doubt, social media has become a source of efficient marketing. Now the consumers and theproducers can talk directly to discuss the products very easily.