Social issues in canada

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Social issues in Canada Currently, one of the elements that define the Canadian identity is the social policies of Canada. These are the different regulations and laws governing how individuals in Canada live and the benefits offered by the government. These social policies are specifically seen to make Canada a progressive and distinctive nation. This paper will talk on abortion, healthcare, drug amp. alcohol and guns as the major social policies implemented in Canada.AbortionIn the previous years, Canada has abruptly changed from being a pro-life nation in the world to a pro-choice nation. As the nation has a lot of Catholic individuals, any kind of abortion was not tolerated. From 1969, abortion was permitted in the event when the life of a mother is said to be at risk. Illegal abortions were still done and in 1988, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, an abortionist was faced with abortion charges. Finally, the court ruled that the present abortion regulations in Canada epitomized an unconstitutional burden on women rights. This made the law to be upended (McCullough, 2014). Even though the Canadian Supreme Court allowed for other limits on abortion, the government of Canada has never approved any of the limits. Women in Canada are at liberty to abort and it is seen to be a degree of laxity that has not been seen in any part of the western world. Health CareThe Canadian health care system is seen to be functioning properly and liked by most individuals for the services they provide. Since 1960s, the Canadian government started a slow process of removing out the profit making health clinics, hospitals and insurance. They were later replaced with universal, new and health care system funded by the government. Currently, every individual in Canada is offered comprehensive health insurance without requesting. This is done by the use of public health coverage plans that different provincial governments run (McCullough, 2014). It means that every Canadian individual does not need to pay for his/her medical bills or depend on their employers for any health insurance. A small amount on monthly premiums is charged by the government while it steps in to clear the majority of the bill for operations, check-ups and exams. It is not easy to maintain a health care system. Currently, many Canadian individuals need to purchase supplementary private health insurance required in paying for eye examinations, operations termed as non-essential by the government and dentist examinations. Likewise, hospitals in Canada mostly have a lot of patients because they are accessed easily. This makes the individuals to wait for long durations so that one can see a specialist (McCullough, 2014). Drug amp. AlcoholIn early Canada, alcohol was linked with different types of social ills. The legal drinking age in Canada is mostly between 18 – 19 years depending on the province. Different provinces have harsh laws against taking alcohol in public places and driving when drunk (McCullough, 2014). In Canada, hard drugs are not legal. Currently, the jail time for drug users, dealers and traffickers has been increased.GunsThe rate of gun ownership in Canada has been on the increase, specifically in rural areas as the nation has the traditions of trapping and hunting. The Canadian National Firearms Association has revealed that close to 21 million guns are owned by approximately seven million individuals in Canada (McCullough, 2014). Majority of these individuals are hunters. In Canada, gun control is seen to be a critical issue. Individuals living in urban centers, guns are linked with crime thus controlling the possession of gun is high. Individuals living in rural areas use guns in sport shooting and hunting. ConclusionDrugs amp. alcohol are seen to be one point of exit. The lower house of parliament in Canada is amending a bill to legalize small amounts of marijuana. On the other hand, the current Canadian politics has been debating on the health care system. There are critics who do not want the two-tiered system to be implemented. This is because individuals with money could get better medical facilities rather than the ones using the public system. Currently, abortion is a debated topic. There are activists making demonstrations in making sure that their sentiments are heard.Work CitedMcCullough, J.J. Social Issues in Canada. J.J.’s Complete Guide to Canada. N.P.,2014.Web. 07. Nov. 2014.