Social Influence on the Ethical Values

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According to Aristotle, people must assume the highest value, which must be desirable for its own sake, rather than being a mean for the achievement of some other goals. Bearing the character of welfare or the highest good, it determines the measure of the perfection of a person and social institutions. This paper provides the analysis of the basic features of professional ethics and its influence on the major life spheres of the person.The everyday life brings us situations, interesting for consideration from the ethical point of view. Since ancient times people tried to find out what is considered to be right and wrong, but it can be clearly seen, that there is no definite answer. Professional ethics is an integral part of the preparation of every specialist. It is a system of moral principles, norms, and rules of behavior of the specialist, considering the features of his professional activities. Codes of ethics are established by professional groups for the purpose of protecting consumers, providing guidelines for practitioners, and clarifying the professional stance of the organizations (Corey, Gerald, 2010, 11). The contents of any professional ethics consist of the general and the particular principles. I consider the professional ethics as a set of moral values, which must be determined, in the process of execution of person’s work duties. First of all, I keep the principle of professional solidarity. It means that the working staff functions as a united team, supporting and helping each other. The professional solidarity of the working team is a very important feature. It brings people together, gives them self-confidence, helps to find a place in life and contributes to the successful solution of complex problems at work and beyond. A sense of group solidarity on a professional basis performs the positive role for all its members.