Social and Emotional Development of Children

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The negative impact of impending social and emotional development of children would certainly be very high on community development in the United Kingdom. Keeping these views into consideration, the present study has been conducted with the following objectives:
The literature related to the different aspects of social and emotional development of children was reviewed and analyzed. In addition, theories of learning and teaching were studied. The effect of social and emotional development of children on overall community development was also reported by several researchers and the same has been reviewed and logical conclusions were drawn.

One has to analyze whether there are many factors that affect the social and emotional development of children? The literature review suggests that the social and emotional development of children is significantly influenced by several socio-cultural factors. They include societal resources like social institutions, economic systems, political structures, physical surroundings like neighborhoods, workplaces, built environments, and social relationships. The type of care taken during the period of child development from birth to age 5 years is critical for better adult cognitive and emotional function. The key to social and emotional development is the child’s early relationship with parents. Hence sincere attempts are needed to support parents in understanding and fulfilling their children’s emotional needs which will form a sound base for the emotional development of children and community development.

One should also put an argument that whether these factors can be managed? Yes. They can be modified. Low socioeconomic status during childhood interferes with cognitive and behavioral development and is a modifiable risk factor.