SOCI 200 DB2 Replies

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Social es Insert Insert Tony Graham I agree with you that there is no formal social in the United s. However, social classes mainly exist among individuals working in a particular organization and present itself in terms of level of qualification or rank. I further agree with you that social classes exist within military ranks in the United States (Hall 2013). This is because especially the public treats individuals from different departments in the military differently from those serving in other departments. I agree with you that, the individuals serving in technical and medical departments in the military are not highly recognized in public but have regard to high prestige by their fellow officers. I agree with you that social classes exist within different departments in the military. Social classes also exist in Christianity in terms of gifts and fruits of holy but are all guided by Jesus Christ as their commander(1 Corinthians 12.12-26).
Marcie Clark
I agree with you that social classes in the United States exist in different societies depending on the amount of wealth held by several individuals. I concur with you that the migration of individuals of different social class to a particular area affects the residents of that place as they struggle to keep up with the newly created social class. Christians mainly occupy the suburban regions with humble lifestyles. However, migration of retirees to such regions translates into high standards of living as well as the cost of living. This results from an increase in taxes because of advancement in the economic standards of the region. I further agree with you that people tend to acquire loans in order to fit particular social class. I further agree with you that Christians should present one happy family lead by Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:8).
Hall, J. (2013). Childrens human rights and public schooling in the United States (1st ed.). Rotterdam: SensePublishers.