SOC520 T7 EvaluationReport

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SOC-520 Evaluation Report Evaluation Data for AnalysisCollege instructors should be able to analyze evaluation data collected by various evaluation methods in order to assess pedagogy, learning outcomes, and curriculum to modify and adjust pedagogy and curriculum as needed. This assignment will assist you in learning this skill:Look at the evaluation data so you can answer the prompts that follow: 90 Sociology students were surveyed on the last day of Professor Independent’s class. These are the Likert scale prompts Professor Independent wrote for the Course Evaluation Survey he presented to his students:Teaching methods- The professor presented well organized curriculum in an interesting way that invited confident exploration of concepts. The Professor used a variety of teaching methods to create interest in the lessons and independent inquiry of concepts. Assignments-   All the assignments for this course were well developed and aligned nicely with assigned readings, objectives, and required skills students needed to be successful in the program. Well-written grading rubrics were provided for students to use for assignment completion. Lessons-     Each lesson was relevant and interesting.The lessons allowed for thoughtful exchange of ideas, students engagement, and inquiry of students. Each lesson was appropriate to the level of learning required for the course and was well structured for clarity and instruction. Appropriate workload- The volume of work in the course was appropriate and allowed students enough time to learn all the concepts presented in the course in a timely manner. I felt I had enough support, time, and resources to complete each assignment successfully and on time.Learning Environment-The professor provided a comfortable learning environment that made me feel safe to share my thoughts and opinions openly. The classroom was free of clutter, was organized well, and provided accessible resources for all students to use. Student Support- The professor provided relevant learning resources that were accessible to all students. The professor provided timely feedback that helped me complete assignments and revise my work. The professor made an effort to understand the difficulties students were having about certain sociology concepts. Review the Topic 4 Case Study and the evaluation data above to help Professor Independent assess his pedagogy and curriculum by answering the following prompts: Topic 7: Teaching and Course Evaluation After analyzing the results Professor Independent received from his student surveys, what can he deduce about the learning environment he provides his students? (50-75 words) After reading the statements Professor Independent wrote for his survey, explain why he wanted to collect data about these specific topics. (75-100 words) How can Professor Independent use the survey results to improve his teaching methods? Recommend ways he can improve his methodology. (75-100 words). Explain what you deduced about Professor Independent’s support of his students. Why do you think there is such a disconnect between his support of his students and his pedagogy? (75-100 words) Explain the possible connection between Professor Independent’s low results about his teaching methods, assignments, and workload. Recommend ways he can improve all three areas. (75-100 words) Citing one to three scholarly sources, explain the purpose of student surveys. Explain their reliability and validity. (75-100 words) References: