Sms And Win Promotion Become A Millionare With Americatel Now

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Rules of the game
The following rules will apply to the Text and Win Promotion. Note that all participants will be deemed to have read and understood the rules.
1. The promotion will run from Wednesday 28th November 2012 to Friday 4th January 2013.
2. All Americatel subscribers are eligible to participate in this promotion.
3. The first text message (entry text) will be free. all other text messages will be charged $1
4. Only entries to the promotion made using Americatel line or lines are valid.
5. The entry message will consist of the participant’s name to the code 1234.
6. After sending of name a simple question will be sent to the participant with multiple choice answers.
7. A participant will earn 10 points by sending back a correct answer.
8. A participant can only send a maximum of 10 answers in one day.
9. The questions for each day will be different from the questions send on previous days.
10. Entries messages which contain offensive language will not be valid.
11. A participant can enter the promotion using as many Americatel lines as possible as long as they own the lines.
12. A participant can leave the promotion or deregister by sending the words STOP to 1234 although the participant’s entries will be retained.
13. A deregistered participant can re-register by sending his/her name to 1234 again.
14. Americatel will not require its subscribers to send any consideration for the award of any prize won in the Text and Win Promotion.