Small Businesses Using Social Media for Marketing

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Case Study on Small Businesses Using Social Media for Marketing Introduction Small business owners have come to realize that social media marketing is rapidly becoming an important way of growing their businesses. Through proper advertising, there is a possibility for small business to get clients and make profits.
Support for Basic Problem
This case study was carried out by interviewing small business owners who want to use social media to increase business revenues. Large businesses have huge revenues this means that they can carry out aggressive marketing for their products using print advertising and direct mail. Social media aims to bridge this gap since it is cheap to market your products on social media. The business owners need to create a variety of fresh content for their social media every week. Furthermore, owners should use a variety of social media platforms such as: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Previously, owners mainly used word of mouth to promote their products. Using social media platforms has its disadvantages including: the owner needs to change content regularly so as to keep the consumers interested, and they also have to focus on a single media platform since using several shall confuse the consumers. The advantage of using social media platforms is that the business owner can increase participation in offline activities. The information in the social media platform can be updated from time to time. If the business is in a van, the consumers can easily know your new location and this ensures that you maintain a loyal customer base.
Alternate Recommendations
Using the social media can be tricky, especially to promote a small business. There are other methods that a small business can promote its business.
Using bill boards: Bill boards are huge and easily attract the attention of passersby. However, they are normally expensive and small businesses cannot afford such exorbitant prices.
Using television ads: Televisions are a common feature in almost every modern household. This means that business owners can reach a wide range of consumers with this form of marketing. This form of marketing is extremely expensive and time consuming since the commercial has to be acted out by professional performers.
Word-of-mouth: This form of advertising involves telling people about your business by speaking to people. This is an extremely cheap means of marketing since all that is needed are some sweet words and charisma. However, this form of marketing is quite tedious since one must walk around stopping complete strangers and convince them to come buy their product.
Using placards: This form of advertising is good for a small business since it provides a detailed summary about the business. The only disadvantage is on illiterate people who will not be able to decipher the information.
Using radio ads: Radios are the most widespread electronic communication device in rural areas. This form of marketing means that the small business owner can reach consumers in rural, isolated areas. The only disadvantage is that this form of marketing is very expensive.
Best Recommendation
The best recommendation for marketing a small business is by using the social media. This is because it is cheap and reaches a wide range of people. Since a small business is still growing it is only wise to use an affordable form of advertising. Furthermore, the youth are the broadest group of consumers and a majority of them are in social media.
Methods of implementation
Implementing this plan is extremely easy. All the business owner needs is a mobile phone or laptop that is internet-enabled. Open a social media platform and update its content including the products and prices.
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