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SOS Children’s Village International: A Nonprofit Organization Almost all profit-gaining companies are mindful of their financial status that they often view a successful business based on the figures of the business’ gained profits. In the case of not-for-profit oriented or nonprofit organizations, they do not necessarily make profits. however, they are still mindful of their financial standing, thinking that funds will certainly help them in attaining their own goals. One example of a nonprofit organization is the SOS Children’s Village Lockport located in the United States. This paper will present the cash availability of the said organization, following its status in the market and its current financial situations. The SOS Children’s Village SOS Children’s Village Lockport in Chicago, Illinois is one of the many existing organizations of SOS Children’s Village International. Among the 133 operating sites of SOS Children’s Village across the globe, I am personally attached to SOS Children’s Village Lockport, not just because the organization is found within United States, but because I have seen its efforts in helping Chicago orphans to live a better and happy life. Honestly, I have always wanted to help the less fortunate in the country, and to support all the endeavors of SOS Children’s Village Lockport is one of the many ways for me to help. SOS Children’s Village believes a child can fully develop his/her potential with the protection and support of a family. That is why the organization establishes a sense of family outside and within, in order for such a belief to become reality. Knowing all of these, it is not surprising that SOS Children’s Village has continued its mission of building families, helping children mold their futures, and sharing in the improvement of communities (SOS Children’s Villages National Website, 2012). Organization’s Cash Availability Since SOS Children’s Village International is a not-for-profit organization, all its existing sites, including the SOS Children’s Village Lockport, operate through donations and fundraising in order, not just to think, but to act and help millions of children reach their desired beautiful life despite having hindrances, such as poverty, family problems and lack of opportunity for good education. As of 2011, the organization’s income coming from the raised funds and various donations reached up to 886.8 million Euros, with Germany as the number one contributor worldwide. Sole donors have contributed fifty-six percent of the total income, while business donations reached 35 million Euros (SOS Children’s Villages National Website, 2012). These overwhelming amounts were made possible through the cooperation of SOS Promoting and Supporting Associations, all existing sites of SOS Children’s Village International, various notable foundations and non-governmental organizations. An organization aiming for financial stability can withstand its upcoming endeavors for the coming years. Organization’s Status in the Market The organization has been successful in achieving its goals, as well as in maintaining relationships among people all over the world. While striving to gather all its existing partners together, SOS Children’s Village continues to become a trustworthy organization in the market. United Nations have been contributing help for SOS Children’s Village since 1995, and major groups such as local and international NGOs, the Council of Europe European Union and celebrity supporters such as Angelina Jolie and Dalai Lama have also been helping because of SOS Children’s Village’s ability to make people feel that the organization itself has been true in its advocacies. With all the help in the market, SOS Children’s Village was able to make developments within the organization. 2011 has paved way to its expansion, with the same priority of supporting family-based responsibilities and most importantly, preventing biological families from separation and disruption (SOS Children’s Villages National Website, 2012). Up to now, people have been committing themselves to offer support (SOS Children’s Villages National Website, 2012). Organization’s Financial Situation To encourage people to contribute help in any not-for-profit organization is not that easy. People also have doubts whether the organization is authentic in using funds. Its financial situations must always be transparent in order for people to trust the process of asking monetary help. In the case of SOS Children’s Village, as much as possible, it seeks to have a transparent status in order to entice people’s trust. It also does all other ways just to procure help. For instance, SOS Children’s Village Lockport sets itself amidst essential industries in Chicago for easy access from people who would like to help. All other SOS Children’s Village sites have also made themselves accessible and transparent. Its International Annual Report 2011 shows that SOS Children’s Village had recently spent 90 million Euros, emphasizing an increase from the previous year’s 53 million Euros in its expansions (SOS Children’s Villages National Website, 2012). Reference SOS Children’s Villages National Website. (2012). Retrieved from