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Fred should also employ collaborative means of dealing with the employees. in essence, he should develop interpersonal relationships and bring together the cultural groups and teach them to collaborate for the benefit of the company (Cuevas et al., 2011). That way it is cheap to create proper business interactions and attain a collaborative workforce. Another important step is to establish warm relationships with his co-workers within and outside the office as it is done in the Japanese culture. With regards to his family, he should take time to deal with issues facing the family and engage them in dealing with the cultural challenges they are facing as well as encourage his wife to exercise patience. Fred should also find a job for his wife in Tokyo so that she feels productive. Apart from the above steps, Fred should conduct the following.He should develop avenues of communication, release control and ask for the response from workers. Also, he may share corporate principles with Japanese clients and preserve harmony instead of conflict.It is clear that the pre-departure training across the cultures is pertinent and could be a significant step towards solving the problems facing Fred. Both Fred and his Wife should have had the pre-departure training as it would first inform them of the challenges awaiting them in Japan. The training would also provide Fred and His family with the proper ways of handling the challenges they would encounter. In this regard, Fred would be aware of his difficulties and on the other hand Jenny would also be aware of family challenges. therefore, each one of them would easily tackle the issues without involving the other party. Family problems would not concern Fred because Jenny would be able to deal with the occasions as they come single-handedly (Cuevas et al., 2011).3. If a firm does not want to invest the capital and resources required to train an employee about other cultures