Sleeping beauty and the enchanted

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On the other hand, this paper posits that with regard to the way the two heroines faced life and their problems, in ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Aurora was more a passive character whose fate was decided by the protection of the people who love her and the contrasting evil intentions of the witch Maleficent, whereas in ‘Enchanted’ Giselle, though thrust into a modern world against her will and in a passive sense as well, was an active participant in the shaping of her future and destiny. The paper develops this latter comparison and contrast of the passive versus active engagement of the world as represented by Aurora and Giselle respectively (IMDb. IMDb (b)). II. Discussion There is a way to view ‘Enchanted’ as a modern version of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. For one, both heroines in the two movies, Aurora and Giselle, were pursued by witches and both were the subject of assassination attempts by those witches. In ‘Sleeping Beauty’ the witch is Maleficent, who cursed Aurora to die on her 16th birthday by through a prick on the Princess’ finger. In ‘Enchanted’ on the other hand Narissa wished to kill Giselle through the poisoned apples that she asked Nathaniel to give to the young princess. In the end the two witches would turn into dragons to try and slay the princes and prevent the heroines to be with the men that they love. Both are pure in heart and innocent too. In ‘Enchanted’ we see that Giselle had a pure heart, demonstrated by her total lack of concern for money, the purity of her belief in true love, the way she was able to command the rodents and the vermin of New York, and her genuine concern for the couple whose divorce Robert was overseeing. Her positive effect on the couples separating, as well as her positive effect on Morgan and Robert, also testify to Giselle’s good vibes and pure spirit and intentions. Meanwhile, In ‘Sleeping Beauty’ we see Aurora also growing up under the shelter of the three good fairies who tried to protect her, and the purity of her person can be gleaned from the way he was able to identify the love of her life Phillip from just one meeting. Then too we see the purity of their persons and their hearts from the way they were awoken from their sleep and freed from the evil spells of the witches that pursued them, by the kiss of their true love. There is something pure and potent about this love, that corresponded with the love and the purity that was in the two heroines as well. Love was the lock that was required to wake up the love that was found in them as well. The correspondence spoke of what was in the hearts of the two heroines. Indeed, except for some minor changes in the plot, such as Giselle ending up in New York instead of the woods, and of having the father and daughter pair of Robert and Morgan for company instead of the three fairies of Aurora, one can say that the lives and the way the stories unfolded for the two heroines share many very similar threads, highlights and milestones. The two also would end up happily ever after in the end, with Aurora in the company of the love of his life and the person who saved her from the sleep, and Giselle in the company of Robert and Morgan (IMDb. IMDb (b)). On the other hand, there are differences too in the lives and the general nature of the