Slavery of the Soul

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The free black community also suffered at the hands of the white masters indirectly. The free carpenter boy who loved the slave girl could not marry her because she was someone else’s property. Similarly, the wives of the white masters were also victimized by their husband’s sexual relations with the slave women. They were forced to accept the insolent sexual behavior of their husbands. It must have been really hard for them to turn a blind eye to the slave children their husbands bore with the slave women. Thus, women- either black or white received the most brutal blows of slavery. The free people of the North that represent a silent community are looked upon with great hope by the slave girl. She wonders why they were silent. as she believes that they have the power to change the system. The silence of the free people of the North actually represents the indifferent attitude usually adopted by those people who live in their own little bubble of life. This is not just a personal narrative of a slave girl but a life-changing experience to read about her ordeal. This narrative compels the minds of the readers to think about what it is like to be a slave to another human being. This enables us to think beyond our immediate lives and to reach out to others who are in trouble. It also pinpoints to the fact that people in trouble look up to those who are in a strong position to change the course of their lives and destinies. and if their calls for help remain unanswered, then whatever hope they have turns into hopelessness and despair.