Slavery Instead of the Promised Wonderful Life

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Human trafficking has taken on grand scales and is now excellent money making racket on a global scale. Promises of better life and luxury in another country invariably become an irresistible temptation. The methods used for trafficking and the numbers being trafficked are vague and at best a rough estimate.
The people involved are even more difficult to identify with the victims refusing to act as witnesses even after being through the ordeal. The migrants who fall into the trap are not only the economically underprivileged but are political refugees as well. The lucky ones who reach the destination turn out not so privileged when they are exploited and abused in a world controlled by the illegal mafia who run and control the human trafficking business.
Victims are usually women in search of jobs in other countries are the main targets of human trafficking. The people involved could be anyone from friends to relatives trying to exploit their need for financial gain with promises of lucrative jobs in other developed countries. One of the most common forms of sexual exploitation and there are psychological and financial reasons for this ghastly act. The victims are usually from the third world countries and get carried away with the promises of better life. they often get to know the reality only on reaching the intended destination.
The victims are usually lured by jobs of waitresses, beauticians, dancers, housemaids etc. Once in the trap, it becomes difficult to distinguish between entertainment and prostitution especially if the woman has been abducted. Social circumstances like poverty, unemployment, and poor economic conditions have contributed to this illegal trade.
The traffickers control them using intimidation, fear factor, and even physical force when required. The illegal nature of the trade makes it difficult to point out the victims as they are usually undercover and are unaware of the law and rights under the circumstances. They finally suffer from identity crises as they become totally dependant on their keepers for all contact and connection with the outside world.