Skys Control of Sports Rights

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The reason for the overwhelming success of the Sky is its monopoly on the Premiere football leagues. The company had paid an amount as high as 300 million pounds and took the rights of the Premiere football league and in the course beat the BBC and ITV in the competition and since the initiation of Premiere league Sky has its monopoly. From then on for the first time, viewers had to pay for watching a live football match. This monopoly of Premier League has made Sky the richest TV channel and in recent times, it is also the owner of football clubs.The sports rights of Sky has focused our attention on the term culture industry which is a term coined by Adorno and Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School. The culture industry can be rather explained as the effects of capitalism in culture rather the commoditization of culture. The scholars have said that the popular culture is analogous to a factory producing standardized cultural goods through popular media like the TV, films, magazines, and radios to manipulate the masses to passivity so that the mass starts believing that whatever is shown through the popular media is correct and needs to be followed, it actually makes the mass dependant on the media content and the media content directly or indirectly becomes the popular culture. The culture industry gives rise to needs which are not the actual ones and such needs are motivated by capitalism or it would be better to say the growing globalism trends. Adorno and Horkheimer argued that mass culture or the culture industry has a political connotation and the single culture which is created by the culture industry actually is market-based in the sense it is in line with the growing commercial market rather it would be simpler to say that it is such designed that the masses become market obedient. Both Adorno and Horkheimer were influenced by the theories of dialectical and historical materialism of Karl Marx which pays a major focus on the growing capital markets.