Skepticism Climate Change

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Skepticism: Climate Change Climate change is indeed a natural phenomenon, as claims Bush. Climate is bound to involuntarily change after some decades. However, this change is usually brought about by a number of factors, either natural or man-made. In some cases, the change is ignited by a combination of the two. Thus, a claim by 97% scientists that the recent climate change has been entirely caused by human activities may raise skepticism.
The foremost question that arises is about the method used by these scientists so as to come up with the plausible conclusion. What special techniques did they apply? Did they just observe the human activities, just like a lay man would do? Even the very illiterate in the society may see smoke rising into the sky and conclude that it is polluting the environment hence a climatic threat. Secondly, the scientist needed to come with the scope of their research to answer the question ‘when?’ and ‘where?’ We, the common people, need to know if only human activities in the United States of America affect climate or is it a world wide calamity. The citizens also need to know if this research covered the pre-industrial period. In that period, much of human activities were not evident yet the climate was still changing. How do the scientists answer this? Lastly, the scientists needed to seek the opinion of the people on the ground. These must also have a say about their world. Are we going to leave our lives in the hands of scientists?
Nonetheless, skepticism should usually be regulated. Some grave issues such as global warming are very sensitive and touches all lives. It should not be left for scientists and politicians. Before one asks nagging questions, it is advisable to weigh the matter and treat it with the urgency it deserves.
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