Significance of Personal Selling in the Promotional Mix

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Promotion is persuasive communication. Companies rely on promotion to inform people about their products and services. Companies also use promotional techniques to enhance their public image and reputation and persuade people that their products are valuable (Glencoe, n.d., p.362). Non-profit organizations rely on the promotional activities to make the public educated about an issue or to advocate for the changes in a regulation or a policy. The objectives of the promotional activities can be articulated by the phrase AIDA. In the process, the company must attract the attention, build the interest and desire and finally the company must ask for action.
Promotion is a significant element of the marketing mix. In the absence of communication, the customers may not be aware of the product and its prospective their requirements and desires. A number of different communication tools form a significant part of communication mix. The organizations must decide which tools are required to be used for the larger sales and in a specific proportion. There are four significant components of promotion mix including advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations. Promotional mix is an organization’s total communication a program consisting of various blends of its components and the mix is used to achieve the company’s marketing goals and objectives.
Personal selling refers to the personal communication with one or more prospective buyers for the purpose of selling a product or service (NOS, n.d., p.28). Personal selling is one of the most effective tools to communicate with the consumers. Personal selling involves interaction at the personal level and that is why the feedback is received immediately. The communication through personal selling is quite flexible. The sales personnel can adjust the communication according to the understanding of the customers. The personal selling is more persuasive. The selling personnel canconvince the consumers about the utility of the product.