Signature Assignment Purchasing and Logistics Integration (PLi) Benchmark

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About Your Signature AssignmentThis signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcomes in your program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignments may be graded with an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for program improvements.Resource: “The Research: Linking Purchasing and Logistics Integration (PLi) to Improved Functional and Financial Performance”, located in Achieving Supply Chain Integration, Ch. 5 (page 99), utilize the link above.Review the research tables and best practices.Apply the four best practices to your industry, or one of your choice.Write a 750- to 1,050-word summary suggesting improvements in financial and functional performance based on the four best practices.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.14/05/202015businessfinance