Should the US Leave Iraq or Not

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Taxpayers will have a burden of paying taxes which goes up as high as $88 billion dollars just because of the war and this amount will elevate if the war carries on The United States is in a tough situation. This country has gone to war without the UNs approval and now has been more casualties than when the war officially ended. The united states have been in war with Iraq for around two years. However, no positive fruits have been gotten from the war thing are even getting worse each day. About 2000 American troops have lost their lives a very big number of civilians have lost their lives too amounting to 100,000 people. The past one month has claimed more than 1000 lives through suicide attacks aloneThe situation at hand is very sensitive and critical. If the United States does not leave Iraq and withdraw the troops, more people will continue losing their lives and American citizens will lose their faith in the Nation.The war in Iraq will exceed the number of casualties that occur daily if the American government will not withdraw its troops from Iraq. The government takes more than $ 87 billion dollars to finance the reconstruction of Iraq, and with kind of money being taken from the economy, it will be very unlikely for the country to recover from its financial crisis. To make the matters worse, the administrative government is demanding a cut in a tax of about $ 400 billion dollars. Taking the whole sum, it adds up to about $500 billion dollars which are being used to finance a worthless war in times of economic breakdown. The initial decision of sending troops to Iraq seemed sensible in the short term contemplation of the administration, and the administration may have perceived that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction. However, in the long run, the effects of taking that step would be disastrous. The administration’s line of thought appeared coherent or sane at that particular time. however, the US will be forced to pay inthe future after the war is long forgotten since the war was conceived in a wrong motive.