Should the law regulate private space and/or free expression of personal or religious beliefs Discuss

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These definitions have therefore lost their significance in modern time when law is being treated as an instrument of social change, but they still have a theoretical significance. The element of ‘justice in law is however considered necessary even in the present time. But what law contemplates today is legal justice and not abstract justice as visualized by the ancient jurists. In the present age law pervades all the spheres of human activities and the state seeks to regulate them. The law therefore has to play a positive role in regulating human conduct. The modern jurists have defined law as a means to secure legal justice. WHAT IS LAW? Law in its most general and comprehensive sense means any rule of action and includes any standard or pattern to which action are or ought to be confirmed. In its judicial sense law means a body of rules of conduct, action or behavior of person, made and enforced by the state. It expresses the rule of human action. It is astructureof rules and guidelines, usually enforced through a set ofinstitutions. As Holland puts it, the term law is employed in jurisprudence not in the sense of abstract idea or order but in that of the abstract idea of rules of conduct2. … Morris also holds similar views about the lack of unanimity in the definition of law and opines that since law has been definitely defined by various legal scientists, from different points of view, there could not be any unanimity of opinion regarding the real nature of law and its definition. Despite there being lot of literature available on law, there is no common definition of law which could acceptable to all. Modern jurists have defined law from different angles. Some have defined in on the basis of its nature, some concentration mainly on its sources. Again some writers define law in terms of ends or purpose of law. About the exact definition of law, Keeton pointed out that to attempt to establish a single definition of law is to seek to confine jurisprudence within the straight jacket from which is continually striving to escape. According to Blackstone, law in its most general and comprehensive sense signifies a rule of action and it applied indiscriminately to all kinds of actions whether animate or inanimate, rational or irrational4. Hooper defines law as any kind of rule whereby actions are framed….that which reason in such sort defines to be good that it must be done5. Ihring defines law as the form of the guarantee of the conditions of life, of society assured by states power of constraints. Thus he treats law only as a means of social control and obedience is secured by the state through external compulsion. Ihring emphasizes that law is an instrument for serving the needs of human society. According to C.J.Gray law is a statement of the circumstances in which public force will be brought to bear upon men through courts6. It consists of