Should people ban testing on animals based upon people unethical research of animal

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Since decades, animals are used for the purpose of testing in order to accomplish the objectives of experiments. Scientifically, animal testing is termed to be beneficial for many inventions, but it is also not without certain ethical issues related with animal rights. The practice of animal testing has its long story, which can be found rooted since when the ancient Greek people used animal for their experiments and in many rituals to gain beauty and good health. While then the human society had limited concern about the living rights of animals, modern day philosophers and activists have been into debates as to whether animal testing should be banned with due consideration to its positive contributions towards the development of the society (PRISM, The Connection between Animal Testing, the Environment, and Human Health).Emphasizing this context, the objective of the paper is to argue regarding the negatives and positives associated with animal testing in order to take a stand in opposition of banning animal testing. Hence, the thesis of the paper will aim to support animal testing for innovation and for the development of medical research emphasizing its positive effects and critically assessing the negatives associated with the same.Arguments in contradiction to animal testing have long been encouraged by activists and philosophists in the society. However, it cannot be ignored that there are some fields where the experiments upon animal are mandatory in nature for the overall enhancement of the society and also for new inventions. Illustratively, the biomedical field is such an example wherein animal testing is mandatory for the research to be a success. It is evident, that scientists in the present day, with the help of advance technology, are inventing new options in the area of medical research to support the human life system. For instance, researchers, through animal