Should Marijuana Be Legalized in California or Not

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Proponents of the legalization of marijuana for recreational use do so because of the drug’s effectiveness in therapeutic and medical treatment and because the marijuana industry has the potential to bring about economic stability and progress to the state. Gottfried, in this respect, observes that there are many who support the legalization of marijuana in the state varying from local officials, city councils to mayors due to its medical use. for him, the beneficiaries of the medical and therapeutic use of marijuana include people from various economic levels, ethnicity, and age such as AIDS sufferers, cancer and chemotherapy patients, people with muscular sclerosis, those with glaucoma, and those who use it to combat depression (Gottfried 72-73). Similarly, in March 1999 the Institute of Medical Study also offered testimony to the power and usefulness of marijuana in relieving pain, nausea, and the service weight loss associated with AIDS (Gottfried 73). In the same way, the supporters of legalization of marijuana also hold that marijuana is neither a narcotics nor it leads to addiction like alcohol or tobacco. There are many who hold that legalization of marijuana in California can contribute towards economic stability for the state. as California is in debt, it is quite desirable that by taxing legal marijuana the government can amass a huge amount of money that is required for healthcare activities and developmental projects. Rosenthal, Kubby amp. Newhart, in this respect, observe that marijuana resources in the state have the potential to be a multi-billion industry once marijuana use is legalized. The authors observe: Marijuana prohibition is costing taxpayers billions each year in enforcement costs. It is also costing us billions of dollars in missed opportunities: in taxes, profits, and wages (Rosenthal, Kubby amp. Newhart 25). Millions of people who are employed in the commercial marijuana industry and others who plant marijuana for personal uses can make up for the economic instability of the state once legalization of marijuana use is implemented.