Should Gay and Lesbian Couples be Allowed to Get Married

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It discusses how various groups perceive this critical social issue and provides the writer’s opinion to this matter.
Opponents of same sex marriage mainly tackle the issue at hand based on religious or moral grounds. They believe that allowing such completely undermines God’s will as to the procreational purpose of marriage. Furthermore, they assert that the sanctity of marriage should be preserved as the union between a man and a woman. ("Same-Sex Marriage’)
In addition, as emphasized by James Dobson in his publication "Marriage Under Fire," the legalization as well as the tolerance of letting gay and lesbian couples to get married would result in the redefining the traditional concept of the family and might lead to youth’s confusion regarding sexual identities.
To address these arguments, proponents of permitting same sex marriage contend that the separation of church and state, as in any other social issues, should be upheld. Thus, arguments by the religious groups should not have a substantial bearing to constitute law ("Same-Sex Marriage"). …
Homosexual Couples’ Ability to Build a Family
Other opponents argue that most homosexual couples are incapable of building functional families. For instance, Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute claims that, according to studies, gay and lesbian couples’ relationships are short-lived as most homosexuals opt to live alone and prefer variety in sex partners over the required monogamy of traditional marriage. Moreover, he argues that, based on research, majority of homosexuals are unfit to become parents if ever they opt to adopt child. This is because children of homosexual couples are more likely to suffer sexual molestation and often exposed to homosexual lifestyle.
The argument presented by Cameron could be refuted by the fact that, although some homosexual couples exhibit traits that may be detrimental to the forming of a functional family, the state should still honor these people’s rights. As long as they do not infringe upon existing laws, their right to pursue what they want, as they will, should be honored even if such entails building a family.
On the issue of rearing a child, adoption procedures are commonly closely monitored by qualified organizations as well as federal social welfare agencies. There are certain criteria that would have to be attained prior to granting a couple’s request to adopt a child. Should a homosexual couple be deemed as fit guardians based on their psychological, mental, emotional and financial condition, there should be no reason to deny such request on the basis of their gender or on studies conducted only from a limited sample population.
Legal Stand
There has been strong opposition from conservative government officials with regard to the legalization of same sex marriage. Even US