Short written report on film

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Planet of the Apes (1974): (Race relations and slavery—turnabout is fair play?)Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare 1996 (film)Les Miserables, Victor Hugo 1998 (film)The Crucible, Arthur Miller 1996 (film)Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller 2001 (film)The Great Gatsby T.S. Elliot 2000 (film)The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas 2002 (film)Saving Private Ryan: (Saving the last family to survive WWII combat)Avatar: (The displacement of native populations)Jurassic Park (1993): (Science and Ethics)A Few Good Men: (Following illegal orders in the military service)Pick 5, each should have a separate paper.Write a short written report on the ethical issues expressed in 5 of these films.Limit the length to one and a half pages, double spaced. Try to pick out the most important ethical issues and explain how they are handled in the film. (Do not give simple plot conditions and character types—get to the heart of the ethical issues and how they are treated, that is, talk about the morality play that is being presented.)17/02/20203socialscience