Short Paper Job Requirements

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Short Paper: Job Requirements Having a career is pivotal to the lives of many individuals and many try to attain the educational qualification for the career. The level of education determines the value of the career that an individual has selected and changes to the qualification have a significant effect on the individual. Medicine as a profession requires the individual to study for a long time to attain the required qualification. This level of qualification adds value to the profession. Raising the qualification to become a doctor would be prestigious while lowering the qualification would lower the value associated with becoming a doctor.In the event that the qualification was raised to qualify as a medical doctor, I would work harder as the value of the profession would increase. Fatigue would also be experienced since the energy required to qualify would need to be increased. This is comparable to a long race that athletes participate. The athletes would be psychologically challenged if the race officials would add another lap while the athletes are on the last lap. Lowering the qualification suddenly would elicit mixed feelings. The first feeling would be of relief as the effort needed to achieve my goals were reduced. The second feeling would be of disappointment as the quality of the job would reduce (Johnson, 2008).While making long term decisions such as the choice of employment, changes in some factors may affect the individual in two ways. The first feeling is of relief while the other feeling is a slight disappointment depending on the changes made. The extremes are defined by the nature of the nature of the individual. Hardworking people would take the change as a challenge while lazy people may complain (Johnson, 2008).Reference Johnson, D. P. (2008). Contemporary sociological theory: An integrated multi-level approach. New York: Springer.