Shift manager report

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Shift manager report A manager, person responsible for controlling activities in an organization and ensure there is smooth working of all members. However, a manager resolves complains arising from customers. Working at a restaurant as a manager is a great experience. There are expectations from both customers and staff that the manager should fulfill. A restaurant has two major sectors that require the manager to take control of fully. The staff sector and the customer sector are the main. These sectors have their own challenges that require absolute dedication from a manager since it involves dealing with subordinate staff and customers. Analyzing the two sectors, the subordinate staff requires maximum supervision in order to ensure the necessary requirements are ready at any time. This is for the customer’s sake. The customers need all services ready at all time they come in at the restaurant. The subordinate require having an open session to air their view in order to improve their output in the restaurant. The customers are very sensitive in case they find anything wrong with what they receive in the restaurant. They also have expectations that need to be ready for before they come in the restaurant. First, cleanliness is the most important aspect that customers do consider. In terms of cleanliness, it refers to both the staff offering services and the utensils. Good customer relation boosts in keeping regular customers and attracting new customers. However, courtesy is very vital at all times. The customers appreciate it when the staff respects them. Courteous words such as, am sorry when staff do something wrong, thank you when appreciating the customers and have a good time and come again when the customers are done, is very important. Working at the restaurant offered a great lesson regarding qualities that a good manager should possess. Some of the qualities that a good manager should have include:Good planning skills At the restaurant, planning plays a vital role in ensuring that there should not be a deficit of either services or anything important. A manager should make sure that the staff has roles to ensure specialization. Specialization helps in ensuring each department does not stroll behind. Specific people have specific duties. Specialization is the process in which certain group people produce certain goods and services only. Specialization at the restaurant improved quality services offered and saved more time. Problem solver A good manager should be a problem solver. Managing a restaurant contains problems that are hard to solve as sometimes subordinates engages in an argument with a customer. It brings dilemma to the manager as either to favor the staff or the customer. Favoring either of the parties results into disagreement or loss. When the manager favors the staff, then the customer gets a negative opinion about the restaurant and leaves never to come back. However, favoring the customer, bring about disagreements between the manager and the staff. A good manager should be able to bring the two parties together.A good manager should command respect A manager should not beg for respect from the subordinate staff or the customers at the restaurant. The working methods and decisions undertaken by the manager should be enough to demand respect from both parties. The manager should be serious in his or her work to show his commitment and great efforts in the restaurant. Managers should possess managerial traits in order to be successful. Some of the traits are good planning, authoritative and a problem solver. Work citedTerry, George Robert. Principles of Management. 6th ed. Homewood, Ill.: R.D. Irwin, 1972. Print.