Sharing Experience on the Conflict Analysis and Resolution

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I hoped that the program would provide me with a broad overview of the interdisciplinary field of conflict analysis and resolution, introduce me to faculty and the work they are doing in this field, and help me to develop a framework for diagnosing and responding to conflicts within my personal area of interest. I also hoped to be engaged with program participants from a wide range of fields, such as education, business, human resource management, child and family development, social work, community development, mediation, criminal justice, communication, social work, ministry, and public service. I wanted to study family, neighbourhood, and divorce cases, hoping to receive some understanding of how to approach these conflicts.I am going to graduate this December with a Bachelors of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. If I could start my educational career at Mason again, I believe that I would choose CAR only as a minor, to supplement my skills in other disciplines. While I have learnt a lot from experiences here, the overriding focus on international conflict has been a detriment to me. Yes, I have been developing strong analytical and practical skills in order to better understand and respond to conflict dynamics, but it mostly applies to international conflicts, with a little attention to the community, and almost no attention to interpersonal conflicts. Simply put, it is not exactly what I expected. I had no idea that I would take the majority of classes to study International Conflict, with a few credits left for community conflict, and almost nothing for interpersonal conflict. I am aware and have no problem with the fact that the majority of ICAR students have concentrations in interpersonal conflict.From different conflict classes, I have learnt that conflicts are an inevitable part of people’s lives, a natural part of diversity and in the world of human relationships and that it is so important to train our minds to deal with conflicts effectively rather than trying to hide from them.