Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama

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The first depiction of human physiology is shown at this point. How the relationship of gender discrimination is shown. Viola thinks that if she will go in public as alone and abandoned female, people will exploit her situation and make her abuse sexually in any forms. She decides to falsify her identity and disguise herself as male and names herself with a new brand named Cesario. Her journey starts from the shore of Illyria. (Grosz Wendler, 2006) The facade of her new identify protects her and she makes her way into the town and gives herself in the service works of Orsino, who is the then duke of Illyria (Ray, 2007). The duke named Orsino falls in love with her, but she is mourning the death (apparent) of her twin brother Sebastian who was with her in the ship which was now wrecked. The domination of male gender is shown at this spot. The Duke makes many advances to exploit her sexually but she refuses every time. At one time when the duke got admittance to her chamber she got over whelmed by passionate infatuation and falls in love with her. The power of the Duke and political caliber also makes a role at this spot because Olivia was in search of a native environment. A great confusion is added to the scene when brother of Olivia, Sebastian arrives in Illyria. She was moved to the core to see her brother. Because they both were twins, now the race starts to hide the disguise and not to be exposed in the public. The main theme here is the power of gender in that time and how one can use the transgressions of sex in an environment (2010).The role of Orsino’s suit shows Olivia the real value of gender power and role of woman in a relationship. In response of the Duke’s exploitation, Instead of the desires she was not able to change the course of relationship into true love rather it was just the fulfillment of desires for some instance and then everything was faded away. But when in the society, among the general masses, she felt more strong and confident when she was in a disguise of Cesario because she felt that she can order and live a life of endowment. The gender discrimination went all along the play, and quest for acquaintance continued for Olivia between hr two versions (Shakespeare Snodgrass, 2008). The character of Cesario also gave many glimpse of gender differentiation in the society as being a man. Olivia reflected that when she is in disguise of man, she has more respect, impact on the society and as compared to the forged behavior of woman. (Azar, 2007) The disguise also gave her different approaches to evaluate different behavior of people around her and she saw that when she is the mistress in the dukes throne, she did not get chance to have a high impact on political issues because there was no love with her. The falsifying of a female character as a male character gives Olivia, both sides of picture to reflect the serious consequences and implications of being a female in a society. The court room and corridors of Duke’s politics could have been different if Olivia was a male in a sense to effect more on society but this case was different in the present situation depicted by William Sheakspeare, but because of the female gender backdrop, Olivia’s assertiveness is less provocative and more comic. Duke started to give her respect in some forms and this gave an idea to Olivia