Sexual Orientation poverty and homophobia

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Homophobia refers to a hostile social ideology towards gay or homosexuality. Homophobia is a negative feeling and attitude of people towards the homosexual community, relations and behaviour that eventually contributes towards discriminating and violent experience faced by many gays, lesbian and bisexual people. Homophobia is widely practiced in many societies due to which there are some very serious problems faced by the people with homosexual alignment because they always face the fear of social opposition after being identified as gay. The lives of these people are strongly affected from homophobia (Cozza, 2003).Social scientists and analysts frequently discuss the issue of homophobia and its impacts upon people and society. It is commonly believed that homophobia bounds people into rigid gender based roles where their creativity and self-expression rights are badly destroyed. Blumenfeld (1992) explains that homophobia often inhibits gay and bisexual people to develop self-identity and due to intense social pressure, they have to spend their lives under stress, and that affects their mental condition.The fictional character of Ennis Del Mar in the movie Brokeback Mountain is an important and prominent example of depiction of homophobia through the cinematic expressions and characterization (Stacy, 2007). The character reflects the problems and troubles encountered by a person in homosexual relation and his efforts to keep his relations hidden from people. It indicates the social pressure upon people to hide or discontinue their homosexual relations due to the fear as homophobia makes it impossible for the societies to accept homosexuality.The typical Wyoming society of Ennis represents the typical society and thinking style of the people observed everywhere. Like Ennis’s town, the people in different societies reject and oppose