Sexual Harassment

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Review of the Case After reviewing the case of sexual harassment, which went for trial and later on became the law in California, I believe that sexual harassment is a big problem for many of the working women these days. Many women face the problem of sexual harassment when they go to their offices for work. The dilemma is that most of those women do not report sexual advances of their colleagues and managers to anyone because they feel ashamed in front of others. In such cases, offenders get more courage and they continue doing sexual acts with their subordinates. In case of Zurian and Lawicki, Zurian also did not tell anyone about the sexual advances of Zurian, which encouraged Lawicki to continue harassing her sexually. Lawicki harassed Zurian physically and verbally for three years, which is a very awful example of the shameful act of sexual harassment. Lawicki used to grab Zurian’s breasts from behind, pinch her buttocks, touch her crotch, and make sexual inquiries. Zurian was the subordinate of Lawicki because of which she was afraid that if she told anyone, it would not be good for her professional career. The fact is that there is a limit to everything. A person cannot continue to be victim of a crime for an endless period. That is the reason why Zurian finally decided to contact higher authorities for ending the sexual advances of Lawicki. … This behavior of higher authorities made Zurian take the decision to resign from job. However, the case did not end here because resignation brought many problems for Zurian. She not only lost a good source of income but also suffered from panic attacks, depression, and sleep disorder. These issues led Zurian file a case against Lawicki because of whom she left the job. The court, after hearing all parties involved in the case, decided to award compensatory damages to Zurian that amounted up to $125000. The court also held Lawicki responsible for the whole situation. It was a good decision by the court as Zurian was compensated for what she had suffered for three years. However, the court did not give her the right for a trial related to punitive damages. Although the court gave compensatory damages to Zurian but did not let her file case for punitive damages. Award of punitive damages was the right of Zurian because she had suffered a great deal from the sexual advances of Lawicki. My Policy at the Workplace The above-mentioned case of sexual harassment will really help me create an effective policy for the prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace. I will develop a policy, which will eradicate all sorts of discrimination against the employees along with the incidents of sexual harassment. I will give proper training and education to all employees regarding exhibition of workplace ethics and good moral. I will try to inject the value of workplace ethics in the minds of the employees in order to prevent them from teasing or harassing any other employee. In the above-mentioned case, I have learned that showing negligence towards complaint of any employee results in creating big problems not