Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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“Awareness of the rights of female employees in this regard should be created in particular by prominently notifying the guidelines (and appropriate legislation when enacted on the subject) in a suitable manner.” (Sinha, n.d).
Sexual harassment in the workplace is the most complicated factor in employment law. Today, all over the world, there are laws and policies to protect female workers from sexual harassment. Globalization has increased employment opportunities for women workers. Nowadays woman is playing a significant role in organizational achievements. increasing participation of women in the work environment is today’s trend. At the same time, women are facing various harassments including sexual harassment in the workplace.
“Sexual harassment continues to impact workplace relationships. It is estimated that ninety percent of all sexual harassment claims are bona fide. Those that make it to court cost an organization an average of $ 200K. No organization is immune to being hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit, and employers have a duty to provide a workplace free of harassment and unwelcome sexual advances.” (Workplace relationships-keep the wind to your back and maintain control. 2003).
The organization needs to pay attention to this issue and this is important for creating a supportive and productive work environment for both male and female employees. Usually, organizations will have their own policy to fight against employee misbehavior as well as sexual harassment at the workplace. “Employees who were sexually harassed experience lower levels of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and job performance, according to a new study.” (Sexual harassment at workplace affects job performance, 2008).
Human resource& has a major role in implementing policies and rules against sexual harassment.&nbsp.