Sex in Advertising

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The advertisement industry prefers to portray females as objects of enjoyment and appeal. It seems that females in the last two decades have become well-used to the needs of the advertising industry and have decided to explore the possibility. The advertisers have been reminding the society that female body is valuable, and something that must be revealed. All beauty products in the market are accompanied by almost fully naked female bodies. Famous brands and celebrities also contribute to this sex-oriented marketing system and get benefits in return. In order to draw consumer attention, the performers in ads dress provocatively, exhibit incongruously seductive, and behave in a flirtatious manner. A look into such ads reveals that the definition of beauty has changed from time to time. It is easy to understand this difference if one compares a beautiful woman of the present day with the portrait of a beautiful woman of the 16th century. Undoubtedly, the concept of fashion is set and redefined by the advertising media from time to time. According to Aaslestad, fashion embodies new social values and emerges as the primary area of contradiction between tradition and change (283). This is very evident in the changes that took place in the dressing of celebrities, namely women, appeared in ads. There is a visible change in the styles of both men and women today, and this change is attributed to the new philosophical and social ideals cherished by the advertising industry namely women, appeared in ads.