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22nd July Anxiety Disorders: Living On a Thin Line, By Donna Wilkinson, June 5, 2005. I agree with the posting on the article Anxiety Disorders: Living on a Thin Line, By Donna Wilkinson since the article covers a major concern to many based on the fact that the disorder affects 19.1 million people in United States. According to the National Institute of Mental Health women are prone to the disorder than men. Though the article explains the problem in depth, it warns people who have the disorders since chronic physical disorders are prone to many people. The article indicates emotional aspects since individual may experience heart attack, pulmonary diseases or cardiovascular problems. The most anxiety disorders are treatable though they are very painful since medication is therapy where one will have to go different stages of therapy (Donna 11). I agree with Doctor Barlow about the disorder, where the genes and the environment play a major role in the anxiety disorder. Those genes that are prone to the anxiety they interact with environment in which the individual is and this may lead to one having an attack and thus unable to control it. Since panic attack is one of the major characteristic of anxiety disorders of living on a thin line, it normally leads to phobia and thus the need to teach individuals on matters relating to disorder. The adrenal glands should be active enough so that it is able to produce adrenaline which will be able to control the activities that surrounds the individual or the environment in which one is operating in. If the adrenal gland is not be active enough and fails to produce adrenaline then chances are that one will collapse since one is afraid of the situation. I agree with the posting on the article since it explains well the reason of individual having the anxiety disorder leading to attack.
For Gay Men, an Attraction to a Different Kind of Scent, By Nicholas Wade: May 10, 2005.
I agree with the posting on the article For Gay Men, an Attraction to a Different Kind of Scent since the article explains the functioning of the brain of individual for both the homosexual and heterosexual men. This is because the odor that may be involved during sexual activity depends on the human pheromones. This is because men produce testosterone while the women will produce estrogen thus the hypothalamus in the brain will have to react in a different way from the ordinary scents. Since the neurons will be active during sexual activity for the gay men then the possibility of reacting to different scents will be low since for men, it will be the same “testosterone” making it to share the same thing which will not double life (Nicholas 21). On the other hand, when the hypothalamus of the women and the scents related to men is activated, it will make it possible to double life simply because of the odor of the different partner. The article is primarily concerned with acceptance of different types of the people in the community and thus the pheromones will change the behavior of the individual if they belong to the same spices. According to the article, the people who belong to the same spice will have same body odor and this is the reason why Doctor Hamer concluded that gay men usually have fewer children while for the women, they increase fertility in the population.
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