SeventeethCentury Roles for Puritan Men Women and Children (by James Kirby Martin et al

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The Changes in Women’s Roles The roles of women have dramatically changed since puritan times where their roles narrowed to giving birth to children, bringing them up, serving their husbands, the production of food and clothing for the family, among other responsibilities, which just centered around the home environment. They were considered as the weaker vessel, and thus not much was expected of them, with the husband being expected to be the main decision maker (Martin, 16). With community leaders being male, any woman who objected to this practice was harshly resisted. The role of women has changed since puritan times in the area of education as women have come out of being just housewives and have followed men in the search for knowledge. Many women have proven themselves equal to if not better than men in many fields, which were thought only to be possible by men. Today, there are many women doctors, professors and even astronauts, among the many fields into which women have ventured. Though they may be weaker physically, they have proven that it is not the case mentally. They have won awards all over the world in various fields and become pillars of society in this regard. Many have even proven capable of handling domestic and educational roles most effectively. There also have changes in the highly competitive area of politics where a number of women have risen to be leaders of their nations. Leaders like Golda Meir, India Gandhi and Corazon Aquino have risen to the presidential positions in Israel, India and The Philippines respectively, where they have conquered male contender, and this shows some of the dramatic changes that have occurred to women’s roles since puritan times (Martin, 75).ReferenceMartin J. K. (1996). America and Its Peoples. London: Longman,