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Principal contractor’s legal responsibilities for notifiable projects:
Monitor and oversee construction while coordinating with the contractor.
Prepare and implement a plan for the project and site rules.
Share relevant portions of the plan with contractors.
Provide suitable welfare facilities available on site before beginning work on site, and maintain them through the project.
Check competence of all parties appointed by him.
Ensure dissemination of all needed information to all workers.
Consult with workers before and during work on site.
Assist CDM co-ordinator by liaising with him on design.
Ensure security of site and safety of all workers on site.
Contractor’s legal responsibilities for all projects:
Monitor and oversee own performance as also that of workers on site.
Assume responsibility for competence for their employees.
Training of their employees
Providing information to their workers to enable maximum productivity and quality.
Comply with requirements as set out in Part 4 of the CDM regulations document.
Provide good and adequate welfare facilities for own workers.
Contractor’s legal responsibilities for notifiable projects:
Check whether the client is aware of his own duties and whether a CDM coordinator has been appointed and HSE notified prior to beginning work.
Cooperate and coordinate with the principal contractor while planning and executing work, as also setting down site rules and reasonable directions.
Provide details pertaining to the work to any contractor engaged in the project, including the principal contractor.
Provide information for the health and safety file whenever required.
Give feedback on the plan to the principal contractor, identifying and pointing out any problems.
Inform the principal contractor of any dangerous occurrences including reportable accidents or diseases.
The main provisions outlined within the document and their introduction by project management are as follows. These are common for both MHSWR 1999 and CDM regulations, 2007, differing in scope and resultant measures:
Encourage all involved (Client, design team, contractors and workers) to work towards the seamless integration of safety and health issues into the process of building construction. This has been made possible by introducing the CDM coordinator who makes compliance possible through extensive pre-project coordination between all concerned.
Reduce and eliminate hazards through better planning and management from the start of a project. As the client responsibilities have been more clearly defined, it is in the clients best interests to involve designers and the contractors to identify and reduce hazards before actual construction starts, thereby reducing project creep through efficient project management and timelines.